Do you know why?

Jul 6, 2021 | Yoga

Do you know your WHY?

Maybe not.

Or this why do you practice yoga?

To be flexible? To be strong? To help with anxiety?

Wrong answers! These are not your WHY as to why you bring yourself to your mat each day. These are the results of practicing yoga. But your WHY is something else.
I did not know too much about this until I did my 300-hour teacher training.

So, here is my WHY:

‘To be strong and confident on and off the mat’.

Strong and confident on my mat with my asanas (arm balances, inversions, headstands, you know, all the fun stuff but all the hard stuff!) Strong and confident off my mat in daily life and the challenges it brings (enter Covid-19 and lockdown!)

So, what does my WHY give me?

It gives me ease, strength, confidence, and guidance, but ultimately peace and happiness. And through peace and happiness I have grown so much more, without that even being the intention of my WHY.

I urge you to find your WHY. And if you do not know what it is that is fine. Explore it, dance around it, then connect and nurture it through your yoga practice.

Libby xoxo