Finding your purpose?

Jul 6, 2021 | Personal Developement

It is normal to second guess yourself and question whether it really is what you think it is.

It is also normal to want confirmation, but unfortunately, no one can tell you for certain what your purpose is or isn’t that’s up to you.

Your purpose is a heart/soul/gut driven pursuit, and only you will know when it is right.

Your purpose is usually something intangible. It is never a job or occupation. It is not a label or a title. It is usually something that you do, create, make, share, feel, teach, or help people do.

When you land on your purpose, and finally say the words with belief, it is like your whole being sighs with relief. You might feel lighter. You might get a tingling sensation, your stomach might do a flip, or your heart might skip a beat. Or you may just get that deep down strong feeling that ‘Yes! This is it.’

Even if you are still not sure, or you are not quite convinced yet, you will find you have stopped thinking about other options of what it might be. Deep down, you already know. You just need to accept it. Your personality, your hobbies, what you studied and the jobs you took all suddenly make sense. In hindsight, it seems so obvious that this is your purpose. You have been drawn to this your whole life. If your purpose is to bring fairness and balance to the world, maybe you were always the mediator on the playground. Maybe you have always stuck up for the little guy. Maybe you always confronted the bully.

It is something you do naturally, or something you would happily do for free. This is a great sign that you have found what your purpose truly is.

Libby xoxo